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Sirkulèr vision

Sirkulèr is derived from the word 'circularity' which means high-quality reutilization of materials. Circularity also means: to be able to use something for a long time, or to give timeless art or design a nice second or third home. But also making or restoring things with sustainable materials falls under the concept of circularity.


An interior made of these materials will last a long time and a renovation using ecological, reused, repurposed and second hand material will have a large, positive impact. A positive impact on the environment as well as on the residents because a 'conscious' home stimulates conscious living.


Choosing for 'old' gives your home a much more personal touch.  Handicraft and history provide you with a much better feeling and inspire those people who have a heart for this world. It is my mission to make you feel better in and about your home or business. To help you think about more sustainable choices in your interior but also to let your home reflect your personality.


If you’re interested, feel free to make an appointment. It’s free and does not commit you to anything. I’m happy to tell you more.

From concept to company

27 Years ago I graduated as a designer and a few years later I stepped into the world of 'internet' design. I designed websites, digital brands, cross-media campaigns and got more and more engaged in 'human-interaction design': How do you design an experience as best as possible for that specific person? The underlying method is called user-centered design.

During my art school exam I made the statement: "Designing the new packaging for Doritos crisps will not make me happy" and my interview title was: "Do good with your profession". In other words, I preferred to not participate in commercial consumerism.


But as a digital specialist with a user-centered focus I was increasingly asked to make big-brand cross-media campaigns and digital platforms even more successful. Slowly, function started to win over design and data over creativity. I started to miss more personalized design work. But above all I missed the sense of what I did. It was an eye-opener to realize that the most polluting thing for our planet was: stuff. Yes, just stuff! So everything we buy.


Consumerism, driven by giant corporations’ marketing machines, constantly pushes us to buy new and ‘better’ stuff. But all that producing, packaging and transporting of things is extremely polluting. Especially since the lifecycle of things is getting shorter and shorter and producers tell us that we need a new version again.


I then decided to take a step back and return to my basic starting point: As a designer, I aim to dedicate my time and inspiration to something good.


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