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Everything out

It was clear what to do in the house on the Keizersstraat: everything had to be done. The metal door frames with fire resistent doors, the kitchen had to go because I wanted the bedroom there, and the oak (veneer) floor had to go to because it was very noisy and I wanted underfloor heating. Fortunately we have Marktplaats (the Dutch eBay), because as you may have understood by now, I do not like to throw things away.

The floor went to two enterprising women with a shop in the Kinkerstraat, the kitchen to an asylum project and the doors were picked up by a man whose company had to comply with fire regulations.


The water source for the kitchen was installed in the central heating storage room while the door to the storage room was moved from hall to kitchen so that it could be used as a utility room. The underfloor heating has been economically divided into compartments so all room temperatures can be arranged separately, saving a lot of energy.

The original bathroom and toilet have been emptied and restructured and the former kitchen is now the master bedroom. This way the house turned from a 2 bedroom into a 3 bedroom houe, and from 1 to  this became a house with not 2 but 3 bedrooms, not 1 but 2 bathrooms and a bath in the master bedroom.


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