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High doors made of bamboo

The house on the Keizersstraat is spacious but not very high. In order to promote the feeling of spaciousness, I had four high doors made at the hallway. Two to the bedrooms and two to the bathrooms. The doors to the room have been completely removed. The column in between that since it is part of the supporting structure is also plastered with white 'Dry-paint' loam. It shines and becomes almost monumental.


The nice thing about these high doors is that you really do not feel that the house has a ceiling of 246 cm.


The doors are made of a recycled inner sheet with thick bamboo veneer. If the doors were made entirely of bamboo they would become too heavy, so that was not an option. The bamboo veneer is placed ‘opening up' and not pressed as cubes. Because of this the bamboo’s natural structure is well reflected in the pattern on the door. Magnificent!


The frame of the doors is painted in the basic color RAL 7021, the base of the house. The cast iron handles and locks give the doors their finished look.

For the hallway I designed a glass and metal wall with a door. This wall contains semi-transparent armoured glass while the steel is unprocessed. To contrast with all the tight glass walls with plain glass, I wanted a wall with more ‘appearance’. Besides beautiful, also functional. The children have their own domain, each with a bedroom and a private bathroom. And when the children are out, it is ideal for rental purposes. It is also suitable as a practice space. This entire renovation has been strategically conceived, with taking into account both the needs and wishes of today as well as of future scenarios.


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