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Loam on your wall

Loam (or clay) is a good example of a material to treat your wall in the most healthy

and sustainable way possible. Besides that it is beautiful and durable, this material also ensures a healthy moisture balance. It is 100% natural and consists of different types of sand and colored clay.


There are different kinds:


Loam plaster:

  • Absorbs moisture from the air and releases the moisture again

  • Helps to finish and decorate internal walls.

  • Suitable with wall heating.

  • Has an insulating effect

  • Reduces noise and odors

  • For the bathroom to be used in combination withTadelakt (waterproof plaster made of natural lime).

  • Do not paint the loam plaster wall with latex paint. This eliminates the moisture-regulating effect. Use loam paint if you want to change the color.


Dry-paint; (my favourite:)

  • 100% natural, dry loam paints, polished

  • Comes in many colors.

  • Suitable for walls and ceilings.

  • Has shiny / matt effect and is super smooth. Looks almost like natural stone


Loam finish;

  • Same as loam plaster, but thinner and lighter.

  • Available in various colors.

  • Can also be used as a finishing layer on the base loam plaster.