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Former dining room arrangement vs. new kitchen setup. Practically: combining cooking and eating spaces provides an extra bedroom. Placing the kitchen at this particular place was possible because this room bordered on the CV closet with washing machine connection. Pipes and drainage are thus laid to the left side along the floor. The entrance to the storage room has been moved from the hallway to the left kitchen wall, making this central heating-closet a utility room, making space for a big wall in the spacious hallway to place a nice cupboard. We placed a sound-absorbing plate between countertop and wall so that the neighbours have minimal inconvenience of 'clattering pots and pans'. Long rectangular ceramic tiles are placed in herringbone style to create an eye-catcher wall. For my kitchen, I wanted this to radiate cosiness, warmth, and a sense of the past. After living here for 2 months I can say that this green wall indeed meets that goal: A cozy place. Hanging above the counter there are LED industry lamps in recycled glass drop shapes. Warm orange light feels very cozy against the green. The island is being used to sit at, make homework, have drinks and cook together. The induction cooking plate has a dwondraft fume extractor that sucks the air down into the extractor, to prevent having to place an ugly hood in sight. What strikes me is that during conversations, the extractor sound does not bother at all, since it is far below ear level. Moreover, this is an energy-efficient and future-solid solution. The orange-red box on the counter top is from Marktplaats (an ebay-like site) and softens both the 'hardness' of the concrete slab and offers a nice variation to its tight straight line. And it's the display of crazy cups and 20 kinds of tea :)


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