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Holiday home

The holiday home in Burg-Haamstede had been in the family since I was eighteen. It was my dad's outlet opprtunity for a lot of renovation. So the first 4 years we were mainly doing it up. And he wanted to do everything himself. Since I studied at the art academy I was allowed to come up with a design proposal. I wanted to make the wooden roof of the house visible on the inside in the living room. WC and shower were split and I made a color plan.

Miraculously my father agreed to my design. It became cozy and warm; and between 2008 and 2012 we renovated thoroughly. We installed a central heating system, new kitchen and bathroom, and the guest house got refurbished. Because of those improvements we were able to rent out the place mroe often. The house had expensive leasehold, but in this way it remained affordable.


It was wonderful to decorate the holiday home in such a way that guests felt very welcome. It was not a big place and it was basic in terms of decor, but it really felt like a mini-hotel - with a wood stove, nice warm upholstery, nice beds, nice bed linnen and towels that were ready when guests arrived.

The cottage was carefully stripped of things that were too personal but there were nice paintings, cozy cupboards, books, lamps and some antiques. And so the Haam cottage became a holiday home for many regular guests :)


Tips if you want to rent out your house:

  1. Central heating, hot water, appliances: Clear instructions will save you from phone calls :)

  2. Kitchen for cooking. Provide for good pans and knives, besides the usual equipment. People who love cooking should not feel frustrated on holiday. Furthermore: large mugs, pasta pan, percolator next to coffee machine, thermos for tea. In addition, we had a separate hot-air oven that fitted on top of the cupboard, a narrow dishwasher and a corner cupboard with a turntable for pans. Everything as efficient as possible!

  3. Games cabinet: The usual suspects: Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Rummikub, playing cards but also 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles belong in a holiday home. (with shelf please!). Also to add into the games box: a box with pencils and markers, colored paper, coloring books, glue, sketch book, paint, etc.

  4. Fine linnen. Buy the same for all beds and buy quality. Matching towels on white hangers on the wall give a fresh appearance.

  5. Create a library: A shelf or cabinet with books where people can exchange their own books when they stay with you. Very considerate!

  6. Try to arrange always one stock of fire wood next to the stove or fireplace. With firelighters, kindling and paper.