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Design for Real, what does that mean?

Sirkulèr looks at your interior differently. At your living space and your work environment. How important is 'home' in your life? What are the ‘anchors’ from your past? What do you care about? What goals do you pursue? In your home or at your workplace, several conditions must also be met so that you can achieve your goals - in addition to good design. But this needs love, and attention for the earth on which we live. Because that will make an interior feel even better.


The Sirkulèr approach means focusing attention on the things that really matter. To you as well as to the earth. After a deep-dive, we arrive at a unique set of ‘anchors’ which we will convert visually into material, colour and items. With these inputs, I will then develop the design. A living design since nothing is static. A design that reflects what characterizes you. Where you experience a sense of belonging/where you feel at home, but also triggers you to take action, to relax, or reminds you of special moments.


These 7 steps guarantee a controlled process, with control over budget and a successful original result:


1: Origin

2: Visual references

3: Goals

4: Starting points for the design

5: Mood board

6: Design and Budget

7: Planning the realization





1: Origin of 'you'

Who are you? What is really important to you? What do you do and why? Where are you from?


2: Visual reference card

Together we make a visual translation of you or the core values ​​of your company, through colour, material, family pieces, design and art. Why do you think this is beautiful?


3: Goals

What is essential to happen in your home or business? How? With what purpose? We shine a new light on your unique goals but also on your daily routine, by asking: What would you like to feel? Or, what do you want your employees to experience?


4: Starting points for the design

Origin, visual anchors and goals are all interlinked. During a workshop we will connect, prioritize and determine these.


5: Mood board

Based on the preliminary study, I will design the layout, colour, mood board. After the presentation we will jointly adjust where necessary.


6: Design and budget

The final design will be presented, and compartmentalised in different parts. We can budget each part so you can decide the parts and in which order we realize this.


7: Planning

This last step provides an overview of the final realization in cooperation with you and / or your contractor. The control function will now shift to the implementer or contractor.


If you’re interested don’t hesitate to make an appointment for a  brainstorm, free of charge and without obligation, and explore the Sirkulèr potential for your project!